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2018 August, Serving Digitalization for Enterprises

On August 18th, the 2018 Global User Conference with the theme of “Serving the Digital Transformation for Enterprises” was held in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference aims to help enterprises grasp the wave of digital economy and promote the digitalization of enterprises. Over 4,000 entrepreneurs, management, experts, media and scholars from various industries gathered to share digital innovation experience!


Graspe the trend, digitalImplement digitalisation


With the explosive development of new generation technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, the new wave of digital commerce has arrived, and the way and scenes of commercial operations have undergone tremendous changes. The new business paradigm will promote the acceleration of enterprise to digital and intelligent development.

 The conference focused on the digitalization of enterprises, deeply analyzed the frontier concepts of enterprise digitalization, explored the trend of digital technology, and shared the practical experience of digital innovation in enterprises. Wang Wenjing, Chairman and CEO of Yonyou, delivered a speech entitled “Promoting Business and Social Progress with Ideas and Technology.” Wang Wenjing believes that enterprise digitalization means: running various types of cloud services based on next-generation digital and intelligent technologies, through network collaboration, data intelligence, connecting resources, processing transactions, reorganizing processes, enabling organizations, integrating into the digital economy, and promoting corporate business. Innovation (R&D, production, marketing, service, etc.), management change, thus transforming production management and management methods, achieving a more competitive, higher business performance, and more sustainable development process. And pointed out that under the theme of digitalization and intelligence, all enterprises in the future will be digital primary enterprises, that is, enterprises that are established and operated according to the digital model at the beginning of their establishment, or become digital transformation/rebirth enterprises, that is, realize transformation and transformation through digitalization. Business.



Faced with the emergence of new technologies, new concepts have come one after another, and some companies have become confused about how to achieve digital and intelligent. Wang Wenjing believes that the digital and ecological industry platform is an important operation mode for enterprises to digitize. The enterprise cloud is the basic way to implement digitalization.

The digitalization and intelligence of enterprises will eventually promote the progress of the digital economy. Huai Jinpeng, secretary of the Party Committee of the China Association for Science and Technology and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in his speech on “Some Thoughts on Promoting the Development of Digital Economy with High Quality”, the scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation It has spawned huge emerging markets, strengthened digital economics research, accelerated the implementation of the digital economy leading strategy, and seized major opportunities to promote the rapid development of the digital economy.

 As digitalization becomes the consensus of more and more enterprises, enterprises urgently need the experience of digital transformation and innovation development. Digitalization and intelligence bring innovation to enterprises, not only in the upgrade and change of IT, DT and other systems, but more importantly, the value of business innovation, management reform and financial service embedding will be generated, and the business operation will be changed. More agile, easier to manage, and more access to financial services. Today, there are more and more cloud service platforms and cloud service products for enterprise services. If you choose the cloud service that suits you, you can realize the digitalization and intelligence of the enterprise relatively quickly.


At this conference, many well-known entrepreneurs shared the practice of digitalization of their respective enterprises. Global experts and scholars analyzed the application of technology in the digitalization process of enterprises and provided a lot of reference experience for digital transformation and innovation development. wisdom.


Wang Yusuo, chairman of Xinao Group, said that the digital era has opened a new era of enterprise development. Humanistic characteristics preferences, business logic, and internal production relations have all changed, calling for comprehensive, profound and systematic changes. Restructuring the internal production relationship of the company in Xinao Group, taking customers as the center, employees driving themselves, digital landing, realizing the growth of enterprises, customers and employees.


Xu Guanju, chairman of Chuanhua Group, said that the imperfect supply chain service system has weakened the competitiveness of China’s manufacturing industry. Therefore, the digital transformation of Chuanhua Group starts from the innovation of a supply chain system and builds service manufacturing, logistics, and trade enterprises through the network. The park covers the nationwide supply chain service ecological platform to achieve the coordinated development of the Group’s manufacturing and production services.


Ning Gaoning, chairman of Sinochem Group, said that the digital transformation has become ubiquitous, the world is moving to the fourth industrial revolution, and the role of digital technology has been transformed into promoting fundamental innovation and subversion. Sinochem Group will follow the development concept of “Science First” and create “Digital Neutralization” in intelligent manufacturing, model innovation and digital operation, and express its intention to transform into a science and technology-driven innovative enterprise in 5-10 years.

Continuous Innovation
Create Value for Customers

Ning Gaoning, chairman of Sinochem Group, believes that technology itself is a business model. Wang Wenjing believes that technology has been influencing and changing business and changing every company. The trend of technology is the rhythm of the progress of the times. Enterprises must respect technology and at the same time treat technology correctly. They should not take new technology to find directions and think about patterns. Instead, they should listen to customers and adopt advanced new technologies around their deep-rooted needs. create value for customers.

Dorothy Nicholls, vice president of Amazon Global, said that today’s two goals of IT development are to reduce costs and lead innovation and digital transformation. Enterprise big data and artificial intelligence expert MarkVan Rijmenam, fourth paradigm founder and CEO Dai Wenyuan proposed the importance of the application of artificial intelligence technology in enterprise digitalization, Mark Van Rijmenam pointed out that “artificial intelligence is becoming a prerequisite for enterprise digitalization, but needs a different The way to achieve and be cautious. Dai Wenyuan believes that “artificial intelligence is to solve more complex problems with machines.”

As the world’s leading enterprise service provider, Yonyou has always adhered to the “friends of users” for 30 years, constantly creating value for enterprise customers through product innovation based on new technologies, from Yonyou financial software to Yonyou ERP, to Yonyou. Always lead the industry. Yonyou positioning digital business application infrastructure and enterprise service industry sharing platform to provide cloud service products from platform services to application services, business services and data services, covering multiple fields and industries, helping enterprises to realize the digital and intelligent use of next-generation technologies. Development. At present, there are more than 290,000 companies and public organizations that pay to use Yonyou services. 

In the new era of digital development, a new customer management system is needed. In order to further help the enterprise’s digital transformation and upgrading, Yonyou as implemented the core values of “Friends of Users” and will start the creation of “Friends Association” with the customer representatives at this conference. The “Friends Club” is positioned as an organization and platform for Yonyou digital connections and business cooperation, exchange and learning, and is also an important way for Yonyou and eco partners to serve customers. Based on the Yonyou cloud platform, help Yonyou customers connect with business resources, exchange development wisdom, and create a new blueprint for business.

Comply with the trend of enterprise service industry
 Ecological co-prosperity


The digital and intelligent enterprise cloud service is an important component of the modern productive service industry. The enterprise cloud service industry is evolving in the direction of platform and ecologicalization. In addition to the computing-level platform, there is also a call for a business-level platform to support and promote the entire enterprise. The great development of the cloud service industry.

Wang Wenjing pointed out that Yonyou Cloud is a comprehensive, integrated and ecological enterprise service platform.

Yonyou as an open and ecological platform will continue to promote the upgrading of the enterprise service industry. Since 1990, Yonyou has more than 3,000 software business sales and service partners. On this basis, Yonyou is building a strong enterprise service ecosystem. Yonyou has 1200 product-based ecological partners and provides service products. More than 2,000, the common service enterprise is digitized. Xie Zhihua, executive vice president of Yonyou, pointed out in the speech of “Yonyou Cloud: Digital Enterprise Intelligence Service” that Yonyou Cloud has released a number of cloud eco-integration products, and cooperated with enterprises to serve outstanding ecological partners in various fields to provide a digital transformation for enterprises. Station-based services, integrated applications, help more digital transformation of Chinese companies.

The conference, Yonyoujoint users and ecological partners, held 25 special forums, focusing on different fields and different industries, and in-depth discussion of enterprise digital practices. The Super 2000 Pingzhan District comprehensively displays innovative products of enterprise and public organization cloud services, presenting the unlimited potential brought by digital to the enterprise.

Listen to customers, awe in technology, and be in the ecology. In the future, Yonyou will bring together 10,000 enterprise service providers, serve tens of millions of enterprises and public organizations, and work together with ecological partners to promote the digital and intelligent development of enterprises. From excellence to excellence, use ideas and technology to advance business and society!