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2019 User Sharing Session



User Sharing Session: yonyou Construction Resource Planning


The construction industry as one of the key drivers of the nation’s economic development with the recent revival of the ECRL, Bandar Malaysia, and the Rapid Transit System from Johor Baru to Singapore. It’s high time for players to gear up and disrupt the industry by tackling necessary existing challenges that are long-due: meeting construction timelines, cost overruns, bad collaboration between departments, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of site workers and also reducing the environmental impact of materials used in construction.



yonyou is recognized as a leading enterprise management software, solutions and cloud service provider in the Asia. yonyou attach great importance to the construction industry and had set up a dedicated construction industry consultants, providing professional industry solutions and practices.



Last Thursday, yonyou Malaysia had organized a user sharing session at yonyou Malaysia office and received a warm response from the attendees. At the sharing session, Ms Wang, project manager of yonyou Malaysia Sdn Bhd shared the successful application of typical users on yonyou management platform, including project management, site management, safety and quality control, drawing & document management, material management, sub-con management, ISO 9000 management, financial management and etc.



The sharing session is also honored to invite Ms. Siew Bee, senior manager of China Ist Metallurgical Construction Malaysia to share with us the experience of using yonyou software.


Interested in learning more about how yonyou software can help the construction industry achieve digital transformation? Contact us at 0321818128 today.