• Do Fewer Things Better

    Organization Management

    Having trouble with getting a clear view of the entire organization when company opens up new branches, sets up new positions, and expands to overseas rapidly? Let yonyou HCM help you build up your global HR system by multiple business dimensions easily and accurately.

    • Offer interactive organizational management processes with yonyou Dynamic Modeling Platform.
    • Establish a clear multi-division, multi-organization, and multi-supervisory structure.
    • Easily adapt to organizational change and development without further customization.
    • Clarify roles and responsibilities to improve effectiveness.
    • Enable inter­communication both clearer and easier.

    Employee Management/ Administration

    Mastering all employees’ information and tracking the changes of the information during their whole career lifecycle should not occupy 90% of your work capacity. yonyou HCM sets up employee management on One Platform, sparing your hands in doing tedious administrative work.

    • Establish a centralized employee master data and personal details
    • Capture a quick view of employee master list with summary records
    • Execute employee’s enrollment, deployment, part-time job, and resignation, etc.
    • Manage key talent for further development

    Workforce planning & Analytics

    Workforce planning is the foundation of your future HR success. Have you considered these questions: Are we on track to meet the headcount goals? How much do we need to plan for future hiring? Is the turnover rate high compared within the industry? Is the fast changing workforce dynamics going to affect way we manage our staff? yonyou HCM, the strategic partner of modern HR, enables you to provide insights for leaders to make better decisions and improve the effectiveness of executing strategies.

    • Formulate your manpower strategy by designing scientific forecast models based on your data from across your systems.
    • Dynamic management of real-time HR budget data during personnel recruitment, enrollment, and deployment
    • Quantify the financial implications of your workforce planning decisions and allow you make adjustments along the process
    • Provide you with various of HR analysis including budget composition status, budget increase comparative, company/dept. overstaffed/understaffed statistics report, department headcount FTE report etc..

    Employee Management/ Administration

    yonyou HCM self-service portal allows you to engage your entire organization easily and provide visibility to your real-time management at your fingertips.

    For Employees

    • Enables employees to take control of their own personal information to ensure that it stays complete and up to date;
    • Authorize employees to review their self-appraisal and peer appraisal online to improve workforce

    For Managers

    • Reduce the burden of data entry on the HR department to empower your HR team to play a more strategic role in the organization.
    • Engage all managers and higher title into company management to increase enterprise cohesion, employee engagement and information transparency.
  • All About Your Global Payroll, Compensation and Benefits, All About Your Global Employees


    yonyou HCM offers robust yet easy-to-use cross-border and cross-field payroll management with compliance to diverse local payroll, social security and taxation rules, enabling HR to have a central control over global payroll process and gain in-depth insights into your global labor costs.

    Gain visibility into project budgets and forecasts to determine overall project financial health.

    • Determine salary payment rules and salary policy at the HR control center.
    • Complete daily salary accounting and payment processes quickly and accurately.
    • Perform budget control according to the management requirements of organizations.
    • Integration with Attendance, Leave and Claim modules, making it a full life-cycle HR payroll process
    • Various report template embedded, providing in-depth payroll analysis for your HR decision making.

    Attendance Adjustment

    Tracking workforce’s time and attendance can be a tedious job without the support of system. Let yonyou HCM drag you out of these time-consuming work and focus more on working not tracking.

    • Improve efficiency and reduce errors in employee time tracking.
    • Employee self-service facilities ease and enhance the workflow for managing attendance and overtime hours, overtime approval and payment;
    • Provide audit trails to check the authorization and changes made by respective supervisors
    • Reduce cost through enhancing productivity.

    Leave Adjustment

    yonyou HCM Leave Management helps you to streamline the entire absence administration process and provide automation, visibility, and intuitive self-service to simplified your global leave policies.

    • Design your own leave policy and administration process.
    • Receive instant email reminders.
    • Leave records displayed in an intuitive calendar interface for employees to check and request absence.
  • Leverage on yonyou HCM’s powerful talent management system to manage your talent systematically and effectively.

    Recruitment/Employee on-boarding

    Find and hire the best talent

    Have you gone digital while your talent already has? How to use a systematic way to identify if the candidate’s competency meets the requirements? Find the answers in yonyou HCM recruitment management solution.

    • Create and manage talent pool with centralized candidate profile
    • Visible talent competency with analysis and report, enabling HR to tell how well candidates match the criteria of the job
    • Integrate recruitment publishing with various social media platforms, reaching out to as large talent pool as you can.

    Competency Management

    Identify and optimize your key talents' business strategy-driven skills and competencies.

    • Evaluate employees' competency through various configured models.
    • Analyze position-required knowledge, skills and professionalism.

    Learning & Training

    A systematic learning system is crucial for group enterprises. To create a learning culture, HR needs to build up a learning system that not only identifies the right skills and capacities that meet needs of enterprise development, but also makes the learning experience interesting and meaningful for the employees. yonyou HCM learning solution supports HR from the following:

    • Set up and manage training resources, courses and operation within one unified system
    • Ability to analyze the data relating to the enterprise training business and select the most suitable trainee from the system.
    • E-learning platform and applications allows employees to access to information anytime, anywhere./li>
    • Measure the value and effectiveness of learning through configured reports.

    Performance (Appraisal) Management

    Performance management lies in the center of talent management. To create an aligned, engaged, and high-performing workforce requires the support of management applications that reduce the burden of HR.

    • yonyou HCM appraisal management solution is both powerful and user-friendly, that allows performance appraisals to be conducted online without traditional paper-based forms.
    • Employee self-service portal makes performance communication effective and accurate within the organization.
    • Flexible work flow design platform allows HR to respond to organizational management changes immediately./li>
    • Integrated with other modules (e.g. finance) to automate the entire employee management flow.
    • Provides data-driven insights to your organization performance, making HR a strategic partner of organization development.
  • yonyou HCM mobile applications reshape your HCM into a simple yet effective way of working.

    E-organization Information

    Mobilize personal information in your own way

    • Gain access to your company contact list with ease.
    • Query on employee personal Info, compensation & benefit anytime, anywhere.


    Say goodbye to tedious leave process with HR mobile app

    • Enables employees/managers to submit/approve/view leave applications with support of attachment
    • Receive email notifications.


    Work calendar in hand & time in control

    • View working calendar
    • Attendance tracking


    Approve with only one click

    • Approval progress tracking
    • Approve via system or e-mail

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